5 Things You Can Do To Get Soccer Scholarship Money For Your Child

Soccer has the most scholarships in all of the NCAA sports. This is true for NJCAA and NAIA, as well. In fact, NCAA DI schools have a total of 85 scholarships and provide between 18 and 20 full-rides to seniors every single year. The DI-AA has 63 scholarships per team and the DII has 36. NJCAA colleges have 85 with about 45 different scholarships awarded every year and NAIA schools have 24.

There are quite a few soccer scholarships available and if your child is willing to put in the effort it will be a real possibility for them to receive one. One of the biggest mistakes made by some student-athletes is that they think they are not good enough to receive one, which causes them to not even try. The fact is that you don’t have to be All-State or considered a “blue-chip” athlete to get one of the coveted scholarships. If your student has some talent and the desire to try, then chances are they will be able to acquire a soccer scholarship.

However, if you want a few tips in increase the odds of receiving one, use the five tips found here.

1. Encourage Your Child to Play Several Different Positions.

It is important to show college recruiters and coaches that your child is an athlete, rather than just a wide-receiver, or whatever position they play. This versatility makes them more desirable, since the coach may not have their specific position, but be willing to take them on if they can play multiple places on the field.

2. Get Good Grades


Close-up photograph of a perfect grade on a scantron test.

Close-up photograph of a perfect grade on a scantron test.


It is important for a student to have a GPA of at least 3.0. If it falls below this, it will close the door on about 50 percent of the scholarships offered by DI schools.

3. Play Another Sport


Recreation leisure sports equipment on grass with a football basketball baseball golf soccer tennis ball volleyball , badminton birdie as a symbol of healthy physical activity


This goes along with being versatile on the field, but also if you are successful in other sports, it can make up for any deficiencies that may be present on the soccer field. This is a factor that college recruiters take into consideration during the scouting process.

4. Create a Stellar Highlights Video




When creating a soccer highlight video, you need to ensure that you don’t just use clips from high school games. It is also important to use shots from soccer camps and clubs that you may have been a member of. Showing all a person’s abilities is not going to be captured on the high school field.

5. Submit Inquiries and Applications Early

It is important to start letting recruiters and scouts know you are interested in being recruited early on. While there are quite a few soccer scholarships available, they are extremely competitive so the scout needs as much time as possible to watch your skills and abilities.

As a parent it is extremely important to help your child ensuring they keep good grades and have film of their soccer abilities. Doing that and implementing the tips here will help increase the odds that your child will receive a soccer scholarship.




Buford Mobley

Buford Mobley is passionate about educating soccer parents and helping to guide them through the bewildering and complicated maze of elite Youth Soccer. He focuses on practical strategies that parents can use to develop confident, successful, and happy soccer players. He is the Father of a daughter who played recreational soccer for eight years, and a son who currently plays competitive travel soccer. He holds a “F” license with USSF.

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