How Scholarships For Soccer Started 

A few years back, my son tried out for the travel team at his club.  It was 4 days of tryouts.  He didn't make the cut.  Afterwards, we found out that only 4 kids were selected out of the 70+ that attended tryouts.  At first, I was furious.  Why weren't my wife and I told this before tryouts?  How could the club do this?

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks... I had never asked anyone at the club these questions.

I had simply written checks, taken my son to practice and to games, and had assumed no responsibility for my son's development.  As a result, my son was placed on a team with boys whose parents were just like me, parents who didn't know how to help their kids' soccer development.

At that point, I decided that if my son was going to develop to his full soccer potential, I was going to have to "get off the sidelines" and match his already healthy passion for "The Beautiful Game."  I started researching every aspect of youth soccer.  I talked with every parent, coach, and club administrator who would speak to me.  Through this lengthy process, the most important thing I discovered was that a lot of soccer parents were in the dark regarding how to navigate the complicated maze of competitive youth soccer.

As a result of this discovery, I founded Scholarships For Soccer, dedicated to helping soccer parents like you make informed decisions regarding your child's development.

Founder and CEO Scholarships For Soccer LLC

Our Executive Vice President, Dante Mobley

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