Finding The Right College For Your Soccer Player Is Difficult

It Doesn't Have To Be If You Know Where To Look

We want your son or daughter to make the right choices both on and off the field, including choices about college and their future.  That is why we share in Choose It Right's mission of helping you and your child better understand the many implications of choosing a college and major and how this can either positively or negatively impact their financial future.  

Why we're so passionate about Choose It Right is because it offers you and your son or daughter the Smart College Report, which has numerous benefits, including:

  • Helps you to understand the current and future ramifications of taking out financial aid/student loan debt;

  • Saves you over 100 hours of time researching colleges to find the right one;

  • Matches your child with colleges based upon their specific academic and sports-related preferences;

  • Provides student-athletes with detailed contact information for college coaches;

  • Provides a letter template series for emailing them;

  • Helps you to borrow smartly and determine how much you should actually spend/save;

  • Provides you with “done-for-you” services where your son or daughter will receive everything from a targeted list of college choices that match their preferences to helpful information about financial aid, choosing an academic major, and more; and

  • Gives you a “family based” approach to college by enabling all key family members to be involved in the decision-making process as well as keeping everyone well-informed about their choices.

     Choose It Right also offers tools to help student-athletes with the recruiting process, such as:

  • Customizable academic and athletic profile generation with downloadable PDF and Online Profile (your own website) to showcase photos, videos, stats and schedules – which helps you make a great impression with college coaches;

  • Step-by-Step How-to Videos - providing you with an Athletic Roadmap for each year of high school; Interview Prep videos that help you prepare for conversations with college coaches; videos on How to Create an Athletic Performance video, and more; and,

  • A Progress Tracking tool that helps you keep track of communications with college coaches.


Find The Right College For Your Soccer Player

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