Mental Fitness For Youth Athletes


Warren Nye

First of all, call me Coach everyone else does ok and secondly, I hate talking about myself but was told I needed to do so here!!

Hey I’m no one special, just a supposedly grown up guy who hasn’t yet reached his full potential in life but is striving to do so every single day.

I guess I play many roles: Husband, Father, Coach, Brother, Speaker, Business Consultant, Philanthropist and a Friend.

I am not one for talking about the past as I like to look towards the future because that is where all the fun will be!

As I get more involved with the World of Hockey I get to meet new people and develop long lasting friendships which is awesome. I have played, coached and managed in this great game and I truly believe though the hockey world is vast in size it is also a very tight knitted group.

Today I work with players in a different capacity than once before. I’m not behind the bench coaching but coaching from the players/families living rooms in a sense, guiding them on their next stage in their hockey career.

Today I also am the proud Founder and CEO of Mind Over Sport, I am a certified Peak Performance Life Coach CLC, MTC.

Along side the Mental Fitness Training I am also involved with The Hockey Group as a Family Adviser/Player Representative, guiding players and families through the intense journey of one’s hockey career

With years of experience in sports and business – I have seen it all!

At Mind Over Sport we show you the right way. With ground breaking programs that center on the individual and using a positive psychology concept, we identify the person’s strengths and there we cultivate it to allow one to rise not only in one area but throughout all areas of one’s life.

At Mind Over Sport we become like the personal trainer for your mind. Along with you we set the goals and get you to climb out of your comfort zones and challenge you to reach for more than you ever thought was possible. With our 15 Step Program, we can specialize your needs, taking you from conception to implementation quickly and effectively.

Coach Nye will give you your own ‘Tool-box’ to help you achieve your best results. Doesn’t matter if it’s in the classroom, boardroom or high powered athletic competitions, these are all places where mental training will help you perform at your very best and achieve your Top Peak Performance.

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